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Brief History

After the independence of Indonesia as achieved, the dreams of raising the quality of education and the tendency of people to achieve higher education began growing. In the 1950’s, higher education institutions of the region began to manifest themselves, answering the needs of each area.

The dream of establishing a college or state university in Manado, which at that time was viewed as the center of government and the activities for Central and North Sulawesi, is said to have been initiated by the University Pinaesaan, which was established on October 1, 1954 in Tondano.   University Penaesaan had only has one Department at the time, Faculty of Law.   Together with the University Permesta, founded on September 23, 1957 in Manado, the University of Pinaesaan was actually an early formation of the future development of The University of Sam Ratulangi.

Having two universities with private status did not to satisfy the needs/desires of the local citizens. Therefore, at the initiative of the people of Central and North Sulawesi (the local military, civilian, and scholarly leaders), came together with great determination to realize the establishment of a state run university in the area, which was expected to be the pride of the community in general and the people of Central and North Sulawesi in particular.

As an action step, the higher education group Perguruan Tinggi Manado(PTM) was founded on August 1, 1958, with four different faculties:


  1. Faculty of Law,
  2. Faculty of Economics,
  3. Faculty of Literature,
  4. Faculty of Civil Procedure.

The fourth is the basis for the establishment of this faculty PTM (whose subsequent development became The University of Sam Ratulangi).

In the same year, in October, PTM changed its name to the University of North-Central Sulawesi, which is shortened UNSUT. Until that stage higher education was still complete a private run business. In the early 1960’s, efforts towards improving the status of the country began to appear. In 1960, UNSUT changed its name again into UNISUT short name (University of Central and North Sulawesi).

History was changed forever on July 4th 1961 when the ministry of higher education(PTIP) issued a Ministerial Decree No. 22/1961, and officially UNISUT became a official government sponsored University with 5 faculties:

  1. Faculty of Law,
  2. Faculty of Economics,
  3. Medical School,
  4. Faculty of Agriculture,
  5. The Faculty of Education (Guidance and Counseling).

In the period 1961-1965, UNISUT changed again into UNSULUTTENG acronym also stands for the University of North and Central Sulawesi.

Based on a decree by of the President of the Republic of Indonesia Number 277, dated 14 September 1965, the ratification of this public university in Manado was set, along with the name final name change from, University of North Sulawesi and Central, to The University of Sam Ratulangi, abbreviated UNSRAT. At that time UNSRAT consisted of seven faculties:

  1. Medical School,
  2. Faculty of Agriculture,
  3. Faculty of Animal Husbandry,
  4. Faculty of Law and Public Knowledge,
  5. Faculty of Economics,
  6. Faculty of Social and Political, and
  7. Faculty of Engineering.

Then, Faculty of Literature that had been operated as a private college claimed status as a part of The University of Sam Ratulangi. A year later, in 1966, University of Sam Ratulangi, added another faculty, the Faculty of Fisheries, which until 1969 was based in Tahuna, then transferred to Manado and joined the University of Sam Ratulangi (which later in 1996 became the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences at short FPIK). UNSRAT now had 9 faculties. A considerable amount compared to other colleges at the time. Its development was not stopped. In 1982, FKIP Manado Gorontalo branch, became FKIP UNSRAT in Gorontalo (which later established itself as an independent university which is now known as The University of Gorontalo.  Last reports listed as many as 3037 people in 1992). One after another the faculties were added; the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences was added in 1998, the graduate program was established in 1985. In 2009 through the approval letter the ministry of higher education 212 / D / 2009 dated February 17, 2009 officially established School of Public Health at the University of Sam Ratulangi and is newest faculty today.

At the present The University of Sam Ratulangi is a public university with eleven faculties and a Graduate Program:

  1. Medical School
  2. Faculty of Engineering
  3. Faculty of Agriculture
  4. Faculty of Animal Husbandry
  5. Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences
  6. Faculty of Economics
  7. Faculty of Law
  8. Faculty of Social Science and Political Science
  9. Faculty of Letters
  10. Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
  11. Faculty of Public Health
  12. Graduate Program

Since receiving its status as a government University in 1961 there have been 12 different Rectors (see below)

The Leadership of Sam Ratulangi University, 1961 – present.

N a m e Designation Period
1 J. A. Losung, SH President 1964 – 1965
2 R. A. B. Massie, SH President 1961 – 1964
3 dr. F. H. Palilingan Principal 1965 – 1969
4 Prof. Mr. G. M. A Inkiriwang Principal 1969 – 1974
5 Prof. Dr. H. Kandou Principal 1974 – 1977
6 Prof. W. J. Waworoentoe, MSc Principal 1977 – 1986
7 Prof. Drs. R. S. Tangkudung Principal 1986 – 1995
8 Prof. Dr. Ir. J. Paruntu, MS Principal 1995 – 2004
9 Prof. Dr. Ir. L. W. Sondakh, MEc Principal 2004 – 2008
10 Prof. Dr. D. A. Rumokoy, SH, MH Principal 2008 - 2014
11 Prof. Dr. Ir. H. Musliar Kasim, MS PLT Rektor March 2014 - July 2014
12 Prof. Dr. Ir. Ellen J. Kumaat, M.Sc, DEA Principal July 2014 - Now


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