Dies Natalis of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences to 19th

 Friday, June 02, 2017     3:19 PM     485     Activity
Dies Natalis of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences to 19th

Manado, 02-06-2017 - The peak of the 19th anniversary of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences was held at FMIPA Unsrat. Attended by the rector, dean and vice dean of faculty in Unity and FMIPA students.

The beauty and coolness of nature as well as the diversity of traditional clothing that is used to add the peak of the peak of dies natalis FMIPA. In this natalist dies, MIPA faculty is able to maintain and improve every achievement that they have achieved that is able to maintain A accreditation for Mathematics study program, B accreditation for Physics, Chemistry and Biology study program and successfully increase accreditation of Pharmacy study program from accreditation C to B.

In the peak event, Dean of FMIPA Prof. Dr. Benny Pinontoan M.Sc said that by wearing a variety of custom clothing, FMIPA want to show how beautiful to the diversity. The dean also tries to encourage students to understand the meaning of diversity.

Rector of the University of Sam Ratulangi Prof. Dr. Ir. Ellen J Kumaat M.Sc DEA hopes: "FMIPA's big family is not hooked by the turmoil of political elites that can solve our unity and togetherness in this faculty and university. We may argue or contradict each other but all must be in a problem solving scientific framework for the advancement of the academic world. For that there are times when we need to agree to disagree agree to be different. Let through Dies Natalis in 2017, will be increasingly gathered togetherness Faculty of Mathematics University of Sam Ratulangi. Hopefully a good contribution to the role of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences in this global field can continue to be strengthened and developed. "