Opening 56th Anniversary of Sam Ratulangi University

 Friday, August 04, 2017     2:34 PM     513     Activity
Opening 56th Anniversary of Sam Ratulangi University

Manado, August 4, 2017 - Rector of the University of Sam Ratulangi Prof. Dr. Ellen Joan Kumaat M.Sc DEA who opened this event in his speech: Entering the age of 56, Sam Ratulangi University remains solid and resonate. We are not afraid of challenges for the sake of challenges, it is all allowed by the Almighty for us tough, more tested and not easily give up. The 56th Dies we have expressed the courage to enter into the BLU Financial Management that we know together will change the old mindset that tends to take it for granted (which has greatly reduced efficiency) to be smart & hard work oriented that is able to utilize existing resources For a great result.
In order to carve out a new history, the University of Sam Ratulangi is now challenged to obtain Institutional Accreditation A. The Rector expects support from all existing work units to jointly strengthen the determination and work to improve our accreditation from B to A. Do not fear the challenge, together We can.
At the end of the speech, the Rector invites all of us to join hands with determination and vision - the same mission to realize the University of Sam Ratulangi who is intelligent, authoritative, but also cultured. Anywhere and anytime, we can tell the world that "I am proud to be the blessed Unsrat Family".