We supports MANADO FIESTA 2017 Event

 Saturday, September 09, 2017     10:06 PM     1200     General
We supports MANADO FIESTA 2017 Event

Manado, September 9, 2017 - Event Manado Fiesta which started on 2 September 2017, gives a new impression for the people of Manado City and foreign tourists who visit Manado. The event is coupled with 7 major event categories namely Fisco, Fashion, Food, Flying, Fun-Music, Fair, and Faith.

The Manado Fiesta event series will be closed on September 10, 2017 with the big event category of Faith, where at the end of this event KKR will be conducted by each religion and Zikir for Muslims, as well as 'thanksgiving' or local people often call by 'pengucapan'. In this 'pengucapan', the people of Manado City will provide food and then served in front / terrace of each house provided for all citizens and communities from outside or within the region.

As a university in Manado, UNSRAT supports Manado Fiesta 2017 event. May be through this event, Manado City becomes more loved by its people and attract more foreign tourists to come to Manado. With this event also, is expected to strengthen the relationship between religions in Manado which is well known throughout nusantara.

Let us together support, enliven, and succeed Manado Fiesta 2017, to "Manado Kota Cerdas 2021".