Ellen Joan Kumaat

Welcome to the University of Sam Ratulangi’s Website.

The largest college in North Sulawesi was established since 1961, starting with just a few faculties, now a university known as Unsrat has grown to 11 faculties with 47 undergraduate, and 27 post-graduate programs consisting of Masters, Doctorate and Specialist levels. In total there are 74 courses, from undergraduate to doctorate/ specialists.

The total number of students is 26,025 coming from inside and outside the province of North Sulawesi. The presence of an international class has allowed the students also to learn from other countries through collaboration between universities. In order to provide the best educational services, we continue to encourage and open up opportunities for professors to improve their academic qualifications as high as possible. Currently the number of lecturers with doctorate qualifications has reached 40%, and those who have professional status (including professors) by 65%, and will continue to grow.

The system of quality assurance in education continues to be a priority , at a minimum national standards are met, while exceeding many potential character standards. The field of research and public services continue to improve in their quality of service with various measurable efforts. Holistically, the governance of higher education continues to be prioritized in order to continue to demonstrate high efficiency and accountability.

As a university of excellence and full of culture, improvement in all areas as well as academic services is our key focus. Therefore, the independence of management on campus is of utmost importance, and specifically the movement of Unsrat towards BLU.

Again ... Welcome to the campus which brought to life the motto of Dr. Sam Ratulangi namely, “Si Tou Tou Timou Tumou" or "Mankind lives to give life to others". May the blessings and guidance of Almighty God constantly delegated to us. Shalom. Assalamu'alaikum Warahmatulahi Wabarakatuh.