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Vision and Mission

Vision University of Sam Ratulangi

Become a university of excellence and full of culture through an atmosphere of working together

The University of Sam Ratulangi's long term vision is to become an excellent and culture rich university through an atmosphere of working together. This is the long-term vision with the understanding that “excellence and full of culture" is relative to a set period of time. In addition, an excellent and culture rich university can be applicable to the local area, national, regional and international contexts. This vision will be fought for as long as this university exists.

Furthermore, based on the formulation of the vision above, the University of Sam Ratulangi establishes the following mission.

Mission of The University of Sam Ratulangi

  • Mission 1 Improving the quality of Tridharma in a sustainable manner for the purpose of improving the quality of programs of Education, Research, and Service to the community from planning, implementation, reporting, monitoring, and evaluation through measurable standards for the input stage (input), process (process) , results (output), and impact (outcomes).
  • Mission 2 Developing Innovations in Science, Technology and the Arts-Culture-oriented Pacific Region, for the purpose of increasing competitiveness through the acquisition and utilization of science and technology innovation that has relevance to the geographical position of the region in which UNSRAT is located.
  • Mission 3 Improve the access and role of PT(Pusat Tenaga for the improvement and quality of community life; specifically intended to increase access to college, and equitable distribution of tertiary education, as well as an increased role in the local economy through collaboration and partnership opportunities aimed at the improvement of level and quality of life.
  • Mission 4 Improving Governance of Higher Education, specifically intended to organize UNSRAT towards an institutional governance system with autonomous PT units, accountable, effective and efficient in the implementation of institutional functions.


Visi dan Misi Rektor 2014-2018


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